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1. A Preliminary Survey for Management Processes (Including detailed procedures)

  • Organizational structure, responsibilities and authority, processes, inventory and procurement policy: The Company’s policy implementation and tenders competition between suppliers, management of suppliers, hazardous materials policy, the sale of surplus and recycling of materials.
  • Information: Information Systems Management and the level of information adequacy as a whole and aspects of procurement in particular, the method of procurement documentation, survey information adequacy of the procurement system in general and the inventory in particular, adapting information systems needs, a survey of hazardous materials and process control, a survey on a sample of the types of purchase orders, maturity of information package.
  • Performance measurement and results implementation: expectations mapping, actual results and satisfaction of all stakeholders, both within and outside the company, setting, measuring and reporting management goals, improving existing measurement tools and metrics for each team and for each position, the purchasing pricing method of handling costs charge for orders, the company reporting method, the prioritizing method related exception handling method, extreme/emergency situations – procedures and practice and drills.
  • Human resources: professional profile of procurement staff, formal education and internships, workload sharing and specific workload of each official, certification and authority matrix, training of each individual, procurement and logistics personnel certification, individual performance measuring and periodic feedback to employees and managers, work-shifts, production efficiency analysis, quality of work-space, incentive and rewards programs.
  • Code of Ethics.
  • Organization culture.

2. Analysis, Review Report and Improvement Work Plan Proposal

  • Analysis of each of section 1 parameters.
  • Gaps Analysis Presentation with existing management goals and proposed reviewers goals.
  • Preparing a work plan for a three-dimensional improvement: planning and implementation of all required to bridge the gaps, conducting focused training of the officials dealing with the subject, followed by ongoing mentoring as needed, in case of staffing gap or skills gap, defining personnel characterization required, to locate (e2eR – end to end Recruiting), support in setting them and training them for the job.

3. Work Plan Execution

  • Performing all stipulated in Article 2.
  • Re-surveying of section 1 for several times, for continuous improvement monitoring.
  • Tracking and reporting periodically to decision makers (management, board of directors, shareholders).
  • Professional guidance to selected officials if and as necessary (after training).
  • Effectiveness & Satisfaction Review after a period agreed to (6, 12 months).