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Launching a product, where credibility is theoretically perfect, must take into account incorrect operating or improper maintenance by the user or maintenance personnel. At times it turns out that the supplier did not know or did not predict correctly the type of use the customer needs, and did not prepare ​​a suitable response by using the ILS package (Integrated Logistics Support). Sometimes it also occurs that the customer creates new uses for the product or use in different mission profile or differernt environment, uses where the ILS package does not contain, due to the expansion of use.
Similarly, maintenance equipment and auxiliary/support equipment may also be unusable or unsuitable, either because of inadequate production or due to unsuitable design of the equipment.
When user misusage, maintenance equipment malfunctions and auxiliary/support equipment failures are frequent, customers get the impression that the product is problematic. These problems should be studied in depth and the cause needs to be diagnosed, and then improvements must be made.
e2eS will provide its customers analysis/maintenance services for user misusage and equipment breakdowns.