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System Engineering Management (SEM) is a complex process that combines several areas of management and planning. This process begins at the start of each project and consists of a series of activities integrated within the planning process that evaluate the efficiency and performance of the project. This performance evaluation is carried out to define the requirements of all the stakeholders and the work content of work packages (WBS) by employing a corrective-action team that identifies gaps within the project
Parallel to the core activities of the engineering management system, auxiliary programs are also controlled: integration plan and product proofing, procurement plan, production plan, quality plan, risk management plan, and Integrated Logistics Support Plan Service (ILS).
The System Engineering Plan is dynamic and varies according to the feedback obtained from the execution of project control. Gate Control as achievement verification per check lists in major milestones. Continuous control must also be made between milestones to prevent surprises.
e2eS provides full service management (entire program management) or partial (any work package according to customer requirements).