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The master plan proposal is the basis for the master plan for its future execution of the project and is part of the initial document proposal preparation. This plan begins with the project initiation process, which undergoes changes during the negotiations until the signing of the contract, updated according to a survey of the contract and approved again by the relevant parties as a condition for starting the project.
The initiation phase includes the initial Gannt and if possible management plans that at times are part of the proposal. Among the plans: a preliminary quality plan, preliminary communications plan, initial human resources plan, initial risk management plan, procurement plan and initial production plan.
e2eS offers clients a holistic approach, as it is called “end to end systems” which takes into account all the constraints that can be analyzed already when preparing the proposal and initiation document. Thus continues the sequence set in the master plan proposal with the logic guiding the master plan for the project, which is approved as a condition to starting the project after the signing of a contract and receiving an order. The desire to involve at the marketing stage a team, who will continue to lead the project after winning and signing the contract, cannot be exercised in some cases. Performing the initial master plan and complete master plan for the project, when planning continuity is maintained between them proposed by e2eS, allows achieving most of the benefits in the absence of a flow of staff as the desire was mentioned.