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The scope of the project is not always fully defined at the outset. Whether in the beginning the client did not know fully how to define requirements and whether lessons were learned during the launch and use of the product. Sometimes it turns out that there is an opportunity to upgrade the product, to sell […]

Customer’s satisfaction is the key to success. The measure of a supplier’s success is a satisfied customer, when the levels of satisfaction ratings are high the customer returns, orders another contract or an additional amount from the same supplier. Above all a loyal customer is rated, and even when faults occur, he knows that the […]

Managing customer satisfaction requires monitoring. It also includes two tools: The main tool / formal – contract compliance control as they are literally written and when. Responding with the appropriate management level for PMRs. Initiating and periodic satisfaction surveys.  The secondary tool “soft” / informal – monitoring and controlling all customer’s inquiries, initiating informal communication […]

Implementing the product begins with the delivery of the first system to the customer, training and providing equipment manuals for maintenance for all levels of repair that appear in the contract. In simple systems these measures are usually enough and no further implementation is required. In more complex systems, the initial implementation together with the […]

Every product usually needs maintenance during its lifespan. Definition of contract for development, production, delivery and general support of the product, or only a part of these components, usually include a component of maintenance, funded by the customer as part of the initial contract and is called warranty. The supplier’s interest is to sell maintenance […]

Launching a product, where credibility is theoretically perfect, must take into account incorrect operating or improper maintenance by the user or maintenance personnel. At times it turns out that the supplier did not know or did not predict correctly the type of use the customer needs, and did not prepare ​​a suitable response by using […]