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Having a desire to make the process of production and supply flowing. Obtaining a product with the right configuration and of high quality, to be delivered to customers on time and accumulate planned costs or less. Preliminary tests during the development process, constructing a production line, examining each component in the system. However, because the amount of systems produced during development is relatively small, it happens that not all the problems of the product are found. During serial production, although the quantities grow, sample tests are adequate. Some of the faults “slip” through the filter proof and get approval, and the beginning of production is characterized by a relatively large number of faults. In addition problems are discovered during the manufacturing process and there is a requirement to improve both the production process and the production line and the equipment maintenance process. The correct way to address the problems of production is by strict data collection and analysis, troubleshooting and resolved by the developers of the system, and taking corrective action to update the plan and professional guidance.

e2eS will provide our customers with solutions and proper handling of malfunctions of production and processes related to it.