Selection Assistance of officials in key positions



e2eS Services

The establishment of a business involves complex challenges associated with variety of occupations and expertise. Future success is derived from proper action at all stages of the establishment followed by strengthening and stabilization.
Failure in a weak human link, meaning constant failure in the functioning of an official in key positions, may sometimes trip up entire company.
A handful of company founders is the basic core, in which it is difficult to make changes due to malfunction of one, their execution is being delayed when reaching a conclusion that it cannot be avoided anymore and they are painful during the actual execution.
Fear of failure from repeating an unsuccessful positioning of key official, accompanies any recovery process and/or a reassessment their performance in the company.
e2eS provides the client with the team’s many years of experience in analyzing the state of the company and selecting key officials for the company.
e2eS assists with analyzing the expected causes of failure or those that have already been materialized, and suggests the customer a structured and effective process, offered to the customer in full (end to end recruitment – e2eR-end to end Recruitment) or in part, saving valuable time for his decision makers.
This service, which already was successfully implemented, is usually not included and not competing the service of retained search/executive employment/search (head-hunting) agencies. At the end of the following process a suitable key person is positioned and is operating as required:
  • Mapping the causes of failure (expected or already materialized).
  • Defining position profile with set of characteristics necessary for the given position.
  • Distributing the position profile to executive employment/search (head-hunting) agencies (known, well-proven performance).
  • Receive dozens of resumes and screening candidates down to about 20 who qualify.
  • Perform professional written tests (e2eS test), combined with an interview for all candidates and selecting 3 – 5 of them.
  • Interviewing references.
  • Perform a personality and social test by a psychologist.
  • Final selection based on interviews of 2-3 candidates with the decision-makers involved (the company management members/board of directors/shareholders).
  • accompany the negotiations and signing of an agreement with a selected key official (if required).
  • Training and support of a key official in focused issues as required.