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The Integration Process is a major component of the synthesis process to create a complete product. In conjunction to integrating, a verification and validation process to compliance of the overall system requirements and constrains. The process includes the integration of subsystems, while testing interfaces and the overall system performance. The integration process is included in the detailed planning for the project.

Systems integration is one of the most complex and difficult issues of engineering systems. During the integration process it is required to synchronize time and technical aspects between the different professional groups and subcontractors who develop various sub-systems intended for integration as a system.

e2eS offers a unique approach which has been tested for many years to plan integration from the initial stages to the successful finalization of the process. This approach strengthens the integration process through proper planning of the system and its support and teste equipment, and creates tools for the problemidentification, repair, and rapid return back on track, as a response to most of the problems in the process. Integration planning with this approach provides, among other things, by-products that serve the project in the present and future. By products are: designing interfaces and interface testing, design for testing which includes input points, testing points, internal and external testing points for the system. The testing measures for integration are designed with forward look for reuse in manufacturing and maintenance of the product.

The integration plan and product verification is dynamic. It is updated according to feedback received while managing system engineering and project management.

e2eS offers its customers planning and execution integration process, planning and execution of tests, such as design verification and product verification and validation process.