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The purpose of the management process focuses primarily on a major effort for the performance during the period of manufacturing and delivery. This effort is planned to make manufacturing flow, to achieve a product with the right configuration and the required quality that will be delivered to customers on schedule and will accumulate the direct costs or less.
Planning and design are done to meet all expectations and anticipated failure mechanisms. Actually, in series production “childhood diseases” are discovered on the product and production line. It is acceptable to perform a breakdown of the series production to sections, depending on the level of uncertainty and a system of risk analysis. First / early sections of the production are intended to clean up the difficulties, where the pace of the next series is increased so the conditional flow of manufacturing is achieved. Between the different steps appropriate authorities will “release” one stage to another, using the “Gate Control “, which will check predetermined requirements, such as: approval to manufacture initial series production, approval for initial delivery, approval to begin main series production, approval to complete deliveries.
In parallel to the production and delivery process the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) program will be enforced.
e2eS offers customers assistance with malfunctions on the production line production and maintenance, improving production processes and the reliability of the product and managing its configuration, assistance in the reduction of both the process and the product, assistance in improving and upgrading the product, assisting in the transfer of knowledge to subcontractors in Israel and abroad (including reciprocal procurement needs).