Preparation of Individual Guidance Program



e2eS Services

e2eS provides the client with its teams many years of experience with setting success criteria – the independence of the client. Stakeholders in the company, who take a decision to use e2eS services are invited to consider partial or full process, in which selected support building blocks as relevant. In order not to commit to too complex too long or too expensive process, it is recommended to begin with issues with higher chances of success (achieving immediate fruit).
Optional partial collection of support packages:
  • Initiated by signing a confidentiality agreement – to protect sensitive information of the parties.
  • Gaps Review (partial or full) – subject to stakeholders preference (it may require analysis and investigation of other issues). Gaps Review may include:
  • Gap detection (direct and brief conversation with stakeholders).
  • Gap recognition (in depth discussion with relevant officials of direct interface with).
  • Gap identification (a thorough investigation of the parameters affecting the gap, by studying the data to be displayed/processed by the officials).
  • Preparation of proposals to be implemented – proposals in accordance with the identification of gaps
  • Responsibility and Authority Matrix defining with responsibility and authority of all a Leading key positions.
  • Definition of business development sales and marketing processes versus aggressive competitors detection with cheaper/more or attractive/better quality product/service.
  • Definition of the process of preparing a proposal to a customer and proposals follow up, to signing a contract stage and officials involvement implementation.
  • Definition of project management, data collection and measurement of profitability and efficiency processes.
  • Definition of development processes, system engineering, risk management, product testing and product verification and validation to the customer.
  • Definition of production and procurement processes and the interfaces with subcontractors and consultants, including RFI / RFP methodology.
  • Definition of billing collection and credits processes.
  • Definition of ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) including system maintenance and customer service and during and after warranty period customer support.
  • Definition of Customer Satisfaction management and After Sales Support and Services to existing customers.
  • Definition of quality processes and regulatory processes (as required).
  • Training and mentoring of company officials – to achieve functional independence depending on the selected support package, while delivery of prepared tools (procedures, file forms and accessories).