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The scope of the project is not always fully defined at the outset. Whether in the beginning the client did not know fully how to define requirements and whether lessons were learned during the launch and use of the product. Sometimes it turns out that there is an opportunity to upgrade the product, to sell accessories, to sell additional products and / or provide extra services.
These the supplier can locate by collecting information “business intelligence” with a real presence in the market, with effective and constant contact with customers (both users and maintenance personnel), by customer satisfaction surveys and familiarity with the hardships and difficulties of competitors and of their successes. The implementation of the After Sale Sale, the supplier may create, whether by discovery of opportunities / need and creating a process where in the end the client will demand an answer for his need, or even by a more active initiative, in which he presents the customer with the “white paper” which is the discovery of an opinion of formal value, with the hope that the client will use to provide the initiating supplier with orders.
Creating opportunity depends not only on the presence of passive and occasional bidding. There is great importance in the weaving of overall customer care as a means gaining recurring orders. This weaving may include the entire infrastructure established as a response to the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) plan in the product, initiating marketing activities, an empowerment of reputation campaign and raising awareness of existing or potential customers.
e2eS provides service of performance as required in the framework of the After Sale Sale, including transport and execution of the process, the end of which the customer is handed a detailed report with recommendations, guidance and marketing assistance to the project team to maintain a reputation of assistance and performance when executing a customer satisfaction survey, where the aim is to create further orders and / or extra warranty or maintenance contract.