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The establishment of a business involves complex challenges associated with a variety of occupations and expertise. Future success is derived from proper action of each and every component of the new activity/organization.  Weak link failure may cause the entire company to fail. Examples of possible failure of a young company in the process of setting it up and establishing itself:
  •  The expertise of the founders is typically ‘narrow banded’ (expertise is focused in the core fields).
  • Some of the failures originate from functional failure of founders outside the core capabilities of the start-up/company.
  • Some of the failures originate from failure of processes due to unclear responsibility-authority matrix.
  •  Some of the failures originate from an unsuitable official given a position
  •  Meager funding for founders, or facing competitors challenge even in well established and experienced companies, originates financial constraints.
  •  Lack of time (due to the constraints of Time to Market or financing constraints) is usually a significant parameter, whether in startups or in well established and experienced companies.
Since the process of establishment in some of the company’s focuses on individual challenge (analogous to a single project), the risk the company is exposed to, is not dispersed over a variety of projects, where failure in one still allows success in others.  This is similar to focusing in a single project, whose success lies in the critical path of the company, and should bear the resilience of the company on its shoulders.
It often happens that companies/startups encounter technological difficulty or another, fail.
e2eS provides the client with its teams many years of experience in correctly analyzing future challenges or difficulties, especially these of high level of uncertainty.  e2es analyzes the expected causes of failure and the opportunities associated with the entrepreneurship.  e2eS offers solutions for the establishment of a project/initiative or a new company and helps in the selection of suitable candidates for key positions. e2eS offers its customers with a temporary role key officials for a limited period, and helps to locate the right candidates for the positions, while tutoring for best role entry.