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Proper identification of the need is the “spark of creativity” required at the beginning of the marketing process, which eventually leads to a successful signing of a contract. The contract should bring the customer the product he wants which will serve him successfully.


Since the client is also often unaware of the exact needs, or the client is not a single person but an organization consisting of a plurality of individuals with different opinions and experiences, a validation of the need identified is necessary. This verification should be performed with the relevant parties. Sometimes these factors are the developer, sometimes the user, sometimes the maintenance personnel, sometimes the service receiver using the product in the project, at times providers of production and purchasing items of major and often complex product stakeholders together.


Competition and market analysis are a key element in the process. When identifying a real need where there are existing solutions in the market provided by successful competitors, may cast doubt on the justification of entering the project. To these we have to add the right time analysis required for putting the new product on the market. Missing the right time is critical for Time to Market, is also likely to question the justification of the entering to the project.


All of the aforementioned process, from discovering the “spark of creativity”, through sharing with all stakeholders, validating the business aspects and overall interests, a business is formed, which is then put forward for decision making.


The aforesaid is summarized in a structured document which includes an analysis of all aspects. This document is a business plan. e2eS provides the client with the team’s many years of experience with analyzing and preparing a precise business plan. This increases the chance of success of the project initiator.