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  Proper identification of the need is the “spark of creativity” required at the beginning of the marketing process, which eventually leads to a successful signing of a contract. The contract should bring the customer the product he wants which will serve him successfully.   Since the client is also often unaware of the exact […]

In recent decades there has been an increase of government transactions in which reciprocal procurement (Offset) is a condition for the order. A demand for a high percentage of direct reciprocal procurement as part of the deal is a challenging requirement, which exceeds the ordinary limits faced by the project team. On top of that, […]

The preparation of a proposal is a project too. Its purpose is serving a document that expresses a set of details that will ensure not only the level of penetrating /winning the market, where competitors are talented and have good products, but will also ensure the successful implementation of the initiative discussed in all its […]

The initiation document is the basis for planning future implementations of the project and a detailed base for the preparation of the proposal. The initiation document writing includes: product definition, definition of work required for development, production, assimilation and use, defining the relevant stakeholders for the product and project, identifying the major risks, a financial […]

The master plan proposal is the basis for the master plan for its future execution of the project and is part of the initial document proposal preparation. This plan begins with the project initiation process, which undergoes changes during the negotiations until the signing of the contract, updated according to a survey of the contract […]

A business driven organization manages itself while maximizing customer satisfaction, who received a product or service, a fact that will cause them to return to the same supplier when they need an extra service or product. Meaning, that customer satisfaction is the key for continuity. Customer satisfaction is achieved with great effort throughout the life […]

  In the early stages of the project after the necessary identification and authentication, it is required to understand the magnitude of the task to enable project leaders to prepare a preliminary plan that would allow assessment of the duration and cost of the project to company. Studies show that the determination of the product […]

In the early stages of a project developers tend to concentrate on the design itself, in order to meet project schedules and budgets. The result of this approach often leads to systems that cannot be checked and proven. The e2eS team specializes in integrated engineering, where in each step of the project they encounter issues […]

In the early stages of the project after necessary identification and authentication, the operational and maintenance concept is set. Any decision of the team carrying out the design may have repercussions affecting the operating modes and maintenance of the product. The impact of these decisions may create a Low Life Cycle Cost, a product loved […]