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Customer’s satisfaction is the key to success. The measure of a supplier’s success is a satisfied customer, when the levels of satisfaction ratings are high the customer returns, orders another contract or an additional amount from the same supplier. Above all a loyal customer is rated, and even when faults occur, he knows that the supplier is faithful to him, and will persist in the repair until he is fully satisfied. So this loyal customer will bring more customers.

Managing customer satisfaction (nurturing / preserving reputation) is imposed on the head of the project and quality representatives as two sources (independent) who balance each other.

Primary Tool / formal – a commitment to adhere to the contract compliance orders as they are written and when from the initiation stage to the closing stage. Whereby accepted milestones, including management milestones (PMR – Project Management Review).

A secondary tool “soft” / informal and not less important – strengthening the customer’s satisfaction through the “soft” relationship, in which good interpersonal communication has to be planned and executed according to the specific business culture of the customer’s representatives. This also applies to customer expectations (even those that are not written in the contract) if possible, availability, responsiveness, strict monitoring and the manner of addressing the client’s inquiry (requests together with formal requests), engaging the customer in decision making and ensuring a “sense of partnership” even when there is no contractual obligation to share. This “soft” tool, may at times tip the balance in sensitive situations in the main / formal tool.

e2eS offers its customers planning and implementation of management and control of customer satisfaction, with a preliminary analysis of all aspects of the project in question, previous projects, market analysis and relevant competitors, preparation of a plan for managing customer satisfaction and training of the project team and management.