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The design of systems and products includes the core design (product design), design support (such as life-cycle cost design), production design, testing, and maintenance. In addition, it includes the designing of equipment production facilities, operations, and the maintenance of trainers and training aids. Naturally, the need to look to the future supports this design. However, the project budgets and schedules tend to focus on the core designing but fail to focus on the later-stage planning. This rejection often leads to unnecessary costs and time loss, which the deliverables are required to support.
E2ES offers an integrated-design approach. This approach slightly increases the core design costs; brainstorming begins from the project initiation through the development and proof stages of the product, manufacturing method, and maintenance methods. Performing integrated designing allows experts join the core team right at the beginning. Experts are often not part of the staff members allocated by the customer and are not financially justified to employ on a permanent basis. The addition of these experts creates interaction with the projects core team and helps execute an entire design much more efficiently.
E2ES can provide clients with both full and partial support in all aspects of designing.