No magic is incorporated in our activity. It is all based on common practice. End to end Systems offers a full corrective action cycle, mutually conducted with the customer:


  • What are the symptoms?
  • What are the motivations, needs, capacity, opportunities and who are the key stakeholders?
  • What are the desired goals, outcomes are we looking for and their success criteria?
  • What is the culture/environment/constrains set/organization structure/policies/regulations/procedures?
  • What are the current risks, and what additional risks may be developed?


  • What methods will be used?
  • Plan the master activities and all their associated work broken down activities, their dependencies, their duration.
  • Plan resources required.
  • Set responsibilities, authorities and associated operation/organization structure.
  • Plan risk management.


  • Perform all planned activities, including risk management.
  • Manage changes.


  • Collect evidence and compare to the set goals and actual to plan.
  • Close control loops and assess requirements satisfaction deviations.
  • Conclude achievements and lesson learned.
  • Recommend/set corrective action for next stage.