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The purpose of the management process focuses primarily on a major effort for the performance during the period of manufacturing and delivery. This effort is planned to make manufacturing flow, to achieve a product with the right configuration and the required quality that will be delivered to customers on schedule and will accumulate the direct costs or less.
Moving from development to production is an important step in organizing. It is structured in the planning and design, taking into account and combining it in the setting of the production line using the logic of adjustment of equipment as uniform as possible to integrate, manufacture, production line testing, training aids in all forms, to give maintenance at all the different levels in the service and even operating and maintaining.
The existence of all the requirements in organizing for production will be monitored by “Gate Control” mainly “(PRR – Production Readiness Review), anchored in contracts with the customer, subcontractors and suppliers.
e2eS offers clients a holistic approach, called “end to end systems” which assists clients in building everything required for production and delivery, from the beginning stages of the project to starting production.