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Project planning is a complex process, which is derived from the master plan for the project by analyzing and breaking down into detail. The plan incorporates most of the required knowledge areas to manage the project are aspects of management and system engineering.
The process begins during the initiation, as outputs from the initiation process constitute the raw material for performing the plan. Project planning begins by collecting requirements from all stakeholders, defining project content, distribution into work packages with detailed WBS activities, required time and resources for each activity. Accumulated durations and resources for all activities in the project is an overall time and cost forecast included in the timeline (resources and costs histogram) and affects the required cash flow. From within the order of execution and guidelines between the tasks in Gantt – Pert format, the critical path and the project deadline are derived. The critical path is of central importance in assessing progress with the timeline (performance and accumulation of costs) and corrective actions taken if required.
Parallel to the core activities of preparing the project plan, it is required to prepare utility plans: System Engineering Plan, Integration Plan and Product Verification & Validation Plan, Procurement Plan, Production Plan, Quality Assurance Plan, Human Resources and Personnel Recruiting Plan, Communication Plan, Risk Management Plan and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Plan.
Executing of Project is dynamic and its Plan has to be accordingly updated, based on feedback received while controlling it. See detailed project plan model.
e2eS provides full service (preparing all plans) or partial (any additional plans are according to customer requirements) Among them executing the plans or monitoring the performance (design monitoring) using Design Reviews or Project Management Surveys.