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Customer’s satisfaction is the key to success, as described in the management and control of customer satisfaction.
ILS program – Integrated Logistics Support (ILS – Integrated Logistic Support) suitable and intended to lay the required infrastructure for implementation and a successful service and of customer satisfaction.
Integrated Logistics Support is essential to customer satisfaction is no less than creative and high performance. Integrated Logistics Support encompasses all the use and maintenance during its lifespan from the completion of the production and delivery to the customer, through giving service to the customer’s misusage and customer’s questions, and scrapping. For this reason the support includes operating and maintenance manuals, training, operation and maintenance aids for all levels of repair, training aids including simulators if required, spare parts, packaging, infrastructure, laboratories and warehouses.
e2eS offers its customers an intelligent planning of ILS, with a preliminary analysis of all aspects of the project in question, and guidance of the project team for ILS packages, or even making partial / total ILS packages, for achieving a successful use of the product and utmost satisfaction of the customer.