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A project master plan is based on the master plan proposal, which is part of the initiating document and proposal preparation. This plan is updated according to the contract review and approved again by the relevant parties as a condition for starting the project.
After the project is in motion, the master plan lays a basis for executing the plan in all stages of the project and has an influence on completing all requirements in the contract, from the service stage up until scrapping when the time comes.
The detailed master plan is also in Gannt format, leading to all project plans. For example: a procurement plan, production plan, quality plan, communication plan, human resources plan, a risk management plan. Control plan allows for comparing the performance to the plan and includes a series of pre-determined milestones and in them measuring achievements of the project in conjunction with requirements.
Major milestones:
• Acceptance of the project plan
• SDR – System Design Review
• CDR – Critical Design Review
• TRR – Test Readiness Review
• PRR – Production Readiness Review
• Readiness for Operation and Maintenance
• Readiness for Service
Upon Master Plan approval, the project team is authorized to proceed to the project detailed plan analysed using Gannt chart and identifying the critical path and resource allocation for each activity.
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