Assisting Projects for Companies with Difficulties or Need for Improving



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Operation of an established company also involves complex challenges associated with variety of occupations and expertise. Successful past performance does not always guarantee the continuity of such success in the present and in the future. Slight but persistent drift of the company’s performance may not be noticeable for its management and often is reflected only when the balance sheet is issued at the year end, preparing annual tax returns, showing the non-attractive financial results. Weak link failure may cause the entire company to fail. Examples of potential failure symptoms of well established company:
Cash flow difficulties.
Profitability decrease.
Significantly large stock with little or no use (dead stock).
Orders dwindling or vice versa – small and less profitable number of orders increase.
Competition increase due to aggressive entry of competitors with cheaper products/services or with better quality/performance.
Lack of time (due to the constraints of Time to Market or financing constraints) is usually a significant parameter, even if in well established and experienced companies.
Non realization of investment expectations from equipment/facilities/buildings, new product development, marketing network.
New regulatory requirements in areas such as the environmental regulations, generating increase of financial and managerial burden.
Slow processes or inter-organizational friction consuming unnecessary management attention due to an Inappropriate person in a key position
Slow processes or inter-organizational friction consuming unnecessary management attention due to unclear Matrix of Responsibility and Authority
e2eS provides the client with its teams many years of experience in correctly analyzing future challenges or difficulties, especially these of high level of uncertainty.
e2eS analyzes the causes of failures with high chance to occur and those who have already been realized, offers solutions of improvement projects for a company in difficulties due to incorrect processes and/or inadequate functioning of key personnel. e2eS offers its customers with a temporary role key officials for a limited period, and helps to locate the right candidates for the positions, while tutoring for best role entry.