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Accord Provides Engineering Services in the following areas: www.accord-global.com and www.accord-soft.com Avionics Software Development Full Lifecycle (Complete SW Design & Development) Partial Lifecycle (Verification and Validation Activities) Automotive Software Development Full Lifecycle (Complete SW Design & Development) Partial Lifecycle (Verification and Validation Activities) Web Application Development Desktop Application Development Verification and Validation of Web & […]

Marketing processes, which precedes a contractual engagement and receiving an order from a customer, that contains dynamics and creates significant changes in the original proposal. These changes are reflected formally in writing in the contract of the order. The new situation requires testing and deployment of all aspects of the supplier’s commitment and customer expectations […]

A project master plan is based on the master plan proposal, which is part of the initiating document and proposal preparation. This plan is updated according to the contract review and approved again by the relevant parties as a condition for starting the project. After the project is in motion, the master plan lays a […]

Project planning is a complex process, which is derived from the master plan for the project by analyzing and breaking down into detail. The plan incorporates most of the required knowledge areas to manage the project are aspects of management and system engineering. The process begins during the initiation, as outputs from the initiation process […]

Risk Management Plan is part of the project process. Project execution is a risk management process. The process may be managed in a structured and controlled manner, when every risk is on time managed and mitigated as required. With a successful completion of the project all the risks are mitigated to null. Risk Management Plan […]

Systems Engineering is a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating the entire technical effort to the development, validation, and balance systems, products, people and processes to create a satisfactory response to customer needs. Systems engineering handles the product from its early stages to its scrapping. At the initiation stage the systems engineering plan deals with analyzing the requirements […]

The Integration Process is a major component of the synthesis process to create a complete product. In conjunction to integrating, a verification and validation process to compliance of the overall system requirements and constrains. The process includes the integration of subsystems, while testing interfaces and the overall system performance. The integration process is included in […]

Operation and maintenance methods, and echelons of repair are cornerstones that have significant impact on the product configuration. These definitions impact design requirements of the operating logic, physical access for operation and maintenance, interfaces, and interfaces testing, testability, accessories for executing of the operation and maintenance, training accessories and the actual training of users and […]