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Customer satisfaction is the key to success, as described in the management and control of customer satisfaction.
Closure of a project with an atmosphere of customer satisfaction, will get the customer to “tell his friends.”
Strict requirements management, in which all contract requirements are written and also expectations that are not obligatory under the contract are fulfilled where possible, is the key to the best closure of the project. An important part of the requirements, both those related to implementing it in the product and maintenance whether under warranty or whether in a separate contract. “Loose ends” that have not yet been closed, later grow into the customer’s frustration in the levels of performance and when they reach the levels of management, the effort in repairing the damage and improving the atmosphere far outweighs the effort to close the requirements as part of closing the project.
Performing a customer satisfaction survey as part of learning lessons is very effective and is accepted in evaluation by customers. So it is often an effective tool in identifying new marketing opportunities, which were not included in the original contract, as a prime example of which is the new contract (usually multi – year) for service and maintenance. These opportunities are called After Sale Sale and sometimes this terminology is extended and is known as After Sale & Support Services.
Project closure is committed not only on the outside. It is essential to make a fundamental survey and ensure the closure of all internal contracts and those with subcontractors and suppliers that have not yet been closed. Among the rest of the issues the warranty obligations after closing the project will be reviewed and ratified / updated if necessary. Summing up all these, a financial and administrative closure of the project will be also made.
e2eS offers clients an intelligent planning and execution of project closure, including the guidance and training of the project team and company management to extract the maximum benefit from the lessons learnt about the project and implementation of the closure process.