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The preparation of a proposal is a project too. Its purpose is serving a document that expresses a set of details that will ensure not only the level of penetrating /winning the market, where competitors are talented and have good products, but will also ensure the successful implementation of the initiative discussed in all its phases.
Given that the preparation of a proposal requires resources, team effort , are often busy with other issues important to the organization, and its delivery of the proposal has marketing implications on the initiator and the product in the market, and the releasing sensitive business information, it is common to approve the proposal in an authorized forum approved. The mechanism approved of starting the preparation process of the proposal called Bid / No- Bid. Preparation of a proposal is complex, a team of experts with the required expertise is appointed and at the head – a leading professional. Joining the professional team are specialists who cover other aspects involved in the preparation of the proposal, such as financial aspects specialists, operational aspects and more. The whole team must be synchronized in its time-limited mission (sometimes very short). Leading the proposal starts off with a kick-Off Meeting.
Creating checks and balances in the process requires an examination of the proposal which not yet been “released” to the potential customer. This control is carried out by a proposal survey, followed by the approval of the proposal, after which the proposal is signed by authorized signatories. Part of approving the proposal a proposal leader is authorized to lead the negotiations and the boundaries of compromise. At times at the last stage of the negotiations, a compromise is required beyond the boundaries permitted when setting out, in order to bring the desired result – the signing of a contract with the customer and receiving the order.
e2eS provides the client with its team’s many years of experience in analyzing correctly and preparing of a proposal and a proposal survey before it is submitted (the red team – the image of the customer’s criticism when reviewing all aspects of the proposal). This increases the chance of a successful project.