Support Packages per Customer Requirements



e2eS Services

e2eS provides the client with its teams many years of experience with setting success criteria – the independence of the client. Stakeholders in the company, who take a decision to use e2eS services are invited to consider partial or full process, in which selected support building blocks are relevant.
Optional partial collection of support packages, while the proposed support may be limited to the detailed planning and the program documents preparation and also the actual implementation and execution of these programs if required:
  • Initiated by signing a confidentiality agreement – to protect sensitive information of the parties.
  • Marketing Work Packages:
    • Market analysis and product characterization (discrimination, pricing, marketing prediction for the client and implementation, marketing plan).
    • Preparation of product/service technical specifications for proposals (proposals’ templates).
    • Preparation of generic (templates) and specific proposal and contract documents (SOW, Financial Terms Appendix, Terms & Conditions, QA Appendix, ILS Appendix).
    • Preparation of marketing and sales materials/accessories (documents, models, prototypes).
  • Development and Product Verification & Validation Work Packages:
    • Requirements Analysis.
    • Concept Options selection/optimization.
    • System Engineering Plan.
    • Risk Management Plan.
    • Product Verification & Validation (Testing Theory/Methodology, Testing Master Plan, Detailed Testing Plan experiments, specific Test Procedures, Test Report templates, test performing, Test Reports, Certification, Licensing).
      Quality Assurance and Regulation Plans.
    • Configuration Management Plan.
  • Mass Production and Procurement Work Packages:
    • Supply Chain System – Review & Improvement.   Read more…
    • Production Plan.
    • Procurement Plan (including RFI/RFP methodology) within the company and the interfaces with subcontractors and consultants.
  • Product ILS, Training and Implementation Work Packages :
    • ILS (Integrated Logistic Support)
    • System Maintenance and Customer Service and during and after warranty period customer support.
    • Customer Satisfaction Management and After Sales Support and Services to existing customers.