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Executing the Integration and Product Verification & Validation Plan is a complex process, which combines all possible areas of technical and managerial knowledge requirements. The management aspect is required to synchronize between all project stakeholders, in order to build the first prototype on schedule. The technical aspect requires a team capable of dealing with a […]

Customer’s satisfaction is the key to success, as described in the management and control of customer satisfaction. ILS program – Integrated Logistics Support (ILS – Integrated Logistic Support) suitable and intended to lay the required infrastructure for implementation and a successful service and of customer satisfaction. Integrated Logistics Support is essential to customer satisfaction is […]

Project management is a complex process that combines all possible areas of knowledge required. The process begins during initiation, and a series of activities included in the detailed plan process for the project. Project Management continually compares the performance planning. Thus the performance comparison is carried out to define the requirements of all stakeholders, to […]